Listed below are some of the easy ways to keep your wood fence protected and to make the most out of your fencing installation investment done by a reputable contractor. We often suggest a local company for advise. Find out more here and read further: 

Keep plants far from the fence 

A lot of property owners like planting flowers or bushes along their fence lines for aesthetic improvement purposes. The plants may provide moisture to the fence, causing the wood to rot. You might not see once the moisture from the plants starts to accumulate on the panels. Always keep the plants or grass along the fencing structure to be cut or trimmed to keep it from rotting.? 

You may also install a plastic tarp above the plants that are thriving close to your fence so that it will be damage-free for a long time. Plastic tarps can help in preventing the moisture from the plants from getting into the fencing structure. Do not forget to wear your protective gear like a long-sleeve shirt, long pants, goggles, and work gloves as you install the tarp.? 

Wash it down 

A lot of people fail to sufficiently do this. However, fence washing is a great way to make sure that you are not experiencing any decay or rot. Removing any additional dirt that could house leaves collection or harmful insects surrounding the post’s base will guarantee that do not get any unsolicited visitors that can lead to rotting. Moreover, having your fence pressure washed will make it look as good as new each time you do so. But make sure that the wood is treated first.? 

Bever allows maintaining your fence to be daunting. All of your work and efforts will be worth it once you’ve got a wonderful and clean-looking fence that can make your lawn stand out among the rest as you keep your affairs inside private.? 

Seal the deal 

It’s important to seal your wooden fence so that it can have a protective layer between the outdoors and wood, ensuring that no water or insects will be wiggling their way into the material. Moreover, you can get your fence posts sealed and pressure treated before you install them to ensure that they will not end up cracking under the pressure of standing up to the outdoor elements.? 

Protect the posts 

Any wooden fence is expected to be decayed eventually. To prevent your wooden fence from rotting sooner or later, see to it that your wooden fence posts get pressure treated. Such posts are compressed to keep out the extra moisture that’ll eventually make the fence rot in due time. Every piece cost approximately 10 dollars. Hence, save yourself easily from the additional expenses by investing in the treated posts.? 

Examine your fence for signs of damage 

Take some time to check your fence for signs of damaged areas or missing boards. Walk around the perimeter of your property and inspect if there are any unusual spots or marks on the wood. Concentrate on spots that are close to the ground. Generally, you need to do this at least once a week or you may contact the fence contractors to do it for you.? We believe Fencing El Paso is a reliable company for service advice and price quotes for your home fencing project. We hope you have found some useful advice from our article, and your next project will turn our wonderful.